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How is Rolfing® different from massage?

Massage Therapy is concerned with the relief of muscle tension and pain. Rolfing changes the structure of the body to correct the sources of tension and pain. Rolfing isn’t just a vigorous “deep-tissue” massage, Rolfing encourages the body to find new ways to organize and balance itself. As structure becomes more organized, chronic strain patterns are alleviated, and pain and stress decreases.

One of the most common misconceptions about Rolfing is that it is a nothing more than a type of very deep massage. There are many varieties of massage, which are particularly effective for loosening tight tissue, reducing stress, detoxing the body and an increased feeling of relaxation and wellbeing. Since these benefits are also a by-product of Rolfing, the general public experience confusion as to the precise difference between our work and the proliferation of effective touch modalities currently available.

Rolfing is different from most forms of bodywork because it focuses on improving the organization of the entire structure, rather than focusing on the place that hurts, feels stiff, etc. Although massage is relaxing, you may find the same area bothering you again shortly after you leave the office.

For example, your neck may hurt because you’re not getting the proper support from your feet, or your pelvis is off center, or your shoulders are rounding forward (or all of these). Until we balance the entire structure, that neck is going to stay strained trying to keep your head upright.

“Both Rolfing and Massage are great for the body, but if I had to choose between the two I would go with Rolfing because I feel it addresses more of the causes, creating more of a lasting change vs. a shorter term relief.”

As Dr. Rolf used to say: “Anyone can take a body apart, very few know how to put it back together”. The true genius of her method is the art and science of reshaping and reorganizing human structure according to clearly defined principles in a systematic and consistent manner.

In addition to our skill, we are also educators, with each session, Rolfers seek to impart insights to clients to increase their awareness and understanding, to help the client make the work we do their own. Our job is to make ourselves obsolete, by empowering our clients to take charge of their own physical and emotional health!

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