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What is Rolfing® and how can it benefit athletes?

Sports are very tough on the body. I truly understand the need for a therapy that can help speed up the healing process that does not include just resting. Sitting out on the side lines is just not an option for a true competitor and can get very frustrating. I myself have had this type of therapy for over 15 years and I truly believe it helped me achieve my elite level status as an athlete.

Rolfing® is a form of body education in which tissue is reorganized to maximize form, function, and fluidity.

This type of alternative therapy helps give injuries space and allows for a faster recovery. Many chronic pains come from compensations from another injury or trauma.

Many consider Rolfing to be a form of physical therapy. We are able to help clients become aware of their inhibiting movement patterns and teach them how to change them to be more efficient.

The main goal for this work would be to help the athletes through injuries and to keep them going during their season. This type of bodywork can also prolong athletic careers to many more levels.

Rolfing® vs. Active Release
Active release is very similar to Rolfing. The only big difference is that Rolfing uses a whole body approach. For example, the hips, knees or ankles could be causing the back pain. Most therapists would just work directly on the back. As a rolfer we examine the whole body and how the hips, knees and ankles would be affecting your back. Rolfers look for patterns in the body that might be causing the pain.

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Rolf and Sports

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