The Ten Series
The Ten-Series

The science of Rolfing® spans from the knowledge of gravity to the profound understanding of three dimensional anatomy. Many events pull us off our line like chronic pain, repetition of movement patterns, emotional distress, and trauma. Rolfing is rooted deeply in anatomical language Rolfing involves experiencing the release from muscular patterns that no longer serve us and gives us more energy.

Rolfing is designed as a series of ten sessions where each session is focused on a particular part of the body. It is a systematic approach to aligning your structure; each session builds upon the last and prepares the body for the next.

Sessions one through three are the opening of the superficial layers of the fascia or the “sleeve sessions.” These sessions lengthen and start to organize the superficial layers.

Sessions four through seven address the deeper fascia. These sessions follow the central axis of the body from the feet to the center of the head and they ask the body to lengthen and initiate movement from within the center of the structure.

Sessions eight through ten are the integrative sessions. These sessions are about connection and communication for the structure as a whole.

Movement education is introduced into the ten series at different times to help add a new sense of movement with the new organization and to encourage long-term change.

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After the Ten-Series or The Post 10 Series

Rolfing can be an important way of maintaining a body and regular "tune ups" is common (anywhere from monthly to quarterly). This is particularly true among athletes, heavy computer users, adults with scoliosis and other high stress jobs.
A post ten series is generally three to five sessions that focus on the client's specific goals.

Many clients complete a ten-series, get good results, and never feel the need for another session and other clients only call when they have experienced a trauma and are in pain.

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