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I wanted to express a few words and some appreciation for all of your help.  I am definitely feeling better after my first session and now after my fourth session, I can see and feel a marked improvement.  I am no longer in pain and I can move through out my day pain free.  Your knowledge, caring and skill is evident in my results. Your dedication to getting the muscles, tendons, ligaments and fascia “just right” is very much appreciated. I thank you so much and I look forward to my next session.
-Peg M

Wow! Is all I can say! I felt like humpty dumpty that fell off the wall and she put me back together again.  My pain is gone and I noticed that I have more energy. Who would have thought that ROLFING was really what I needed. I had read about it for years and finally gave in because the pain was just too much and massage was not working.  I now understand that I do not have to live in pain anymore. Thank you Thank you Thank you!
-Paul B

I had been feeling unsteady when I stood and/or walked, as if I were going to fall.  Also there was great tension throughout my body, including my back – which I was hunching over.  My face also showed that tension with a harsh, tight countenance (which always took me by surprise when I passed a mirror while shopping, and saw my “mean” expression).  When I finished my session, I was delighted and amazed that I was able to stand up straighter, felt more relaxed and stronger.  My shoulders seemed to fall naturally into place – something I had not experienced in a long time.  Even my facial expression had softened.  Since that session, I have been feeling much better and stronger than I had previously, and my back is more comfortable to me, enabling me to stand straighter and walk with steadiness.
. --Dolores D

You are truly amazing. Without your expertise and understanding of the body and sports, I don’t think that I could have finished my season on top.  With every injury, you were able to help. I have to admit I was scared at first and wasn’ t sure that this would help. But now I am sold.  The pain and swelling went down soo fast that I would forget that I even had an injury.  My skills and speed increased enabling me to skate a better game. I recommend to anyone, athlete or not, to try Rolfing with Beth.  Her techniques are far above the rest!
_Mick B



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